on my way.

I don’t think I ever intended to become a designer. My dream evolved from the usual- being a doctor. To being a Literature Teacher. And somehow life led me the gates of the Indus Valley School of Art and Architecture. In hindsight I look back and try to find something common in all the career ideas I went through. The underlying streak seems to shout out that I wanted to do something that could make a change. Even in domino effect.

Some people are born great. Destined to make cataclysmic changes in the world; but much more powerful than them are the silent greats. The ones who go about living life with hard work, dedication and a joie de vivre. These are the people we learn our life-lessons from. They affect one person and the chain reaction starts. That way they affect the world.

That is who I want to be. To go about my work with a passion that does not need to be screamed out from the rooftops but felt by the people who I meet and work with. Who sense in me this spark to make the difference.

All this I found rolled into one when I studied to be a designer at college. I was a doctor; I could heal with colour and design. I was a Literature teacher; I could find inspiration in words. And I was a communication designer; I could TALK to people. The moral behind the story being that one really does only need good intentions and everything has a way of falling into place. I got all my intentions packaged together in a career I had not envisioned for myself even at the end of my first year at college. But looking back today, after four years of design, literature and life, I see this as a life calling. How can it not be?

Outlining the kind of person I have grown into, the need to experience is paramount in being able to keep designing and not fall into a rut. If I am going to influence peoples’ attitudes and sense of being, then I want to see what is happening everywhere. Only then will I be able to make a continuing lifetime commitment to this kind of inspiration. I want to hear because only then will I move a step forward and be able to say something too. I want to meet other people who are different from me so I can be a new me too. The day I stop wanting that is the day I should retire because in my line of work, what we do is grow. We reach out to the world in large and being the patriot that I am, I would love to bring back that knowledge of the world to teach and learn from it in my own individual way. And maybe then one day, I shall be one of the silent greats too.


2 thoughts on “on my way.

  1. hmmm..u know wot..i AM a doctor ….but have an instinct of an artist…..i feel .live .perhaps breathe like one…at this time in my life[having been graduated n married happily]..i once again feel …wot on earth am i doing ??? i dont feel like a DAACTAR…..n u know u r perhaps the only person i am telling this to…NEVER let it out of me before!!! …Neways SIPMLY love ur blog…its been 3 hrs now since me here…n its 4 in the am here my place in Caanada!!Beginning to like u….[me not a lesbian..so worry not,dear happy soul]..Allah bless u lady!!!!

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