Wisdom and Jelly Knees

Somewhere in the fourth year of my career, I should now be a seasoned professional.

One who looks at the client in the eye and wondrous eloquent persuasive words roll off my tongue as easily as my name. Sara Jamil. Sara Jamil. Jara Samil. Hmmm.

Why even today do my knees knock(not that you can tell)? Why even today am I thinking if i even understood the brief well? (when i should know I did) Why (right now) am i sitting doing night duty and fretting about what could go wrong when I pride myself on being able to conserve all positive energies into working their magic for me?

I know i can knock their socks off. I know i can make them listen. Really listen. And think. I just know that language well by now. I should, right?

I know the work. I know my job.

The last couple of lines kind of render this blog useless doesn’t it?


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