August is Here.

i love august. for me it marks the beginning. the weathers great. i love karachi in the rain, not too much of it but enough to keep the air smelling fresh. i love the energy that infuses everyone, as the negative thoughts are washed away by monsoon showers and replaced with a spring in the step and a smile on the face.

i love august because it has always marked the new year at school, when you head back with an anicitpatory butterflies-in-the-stomach feeling, thinking of all the great plans ahead , all the new people you will meet and all the thigns that can happen. i love the air loaded with possibility as though something wondeful is right around the corner. i love the way tiredness shakes itself off me when the rain starts and the clouds gather. i love the way i am reborn. ready to tackle the rest of the year with a headiness even chocolate doesnt bring…


One thought on “August is Here.

  1. I love august too-but i love it when its 48 degrees as it is in d U.A.E, where i spent coupla years, or when its 35degrees as it is in Malaysia, where i spent 3 years, .,..but not when its 8 degrees at night as it is in sydney where i am rite now…i’m a summer kinda person, dont like winter…

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