The Tight-Lidded Jar

i keep assimilating. there are so many things in life that give you that unexpected lift; and then an equal number of things in life which suddenly jerk you to the ground again. this must be what the balance of the universe is all about. finding a coffee shop you like i have concluded is one of the highs in life. it is like being actually aware of a moment when all is in harmony un the universe.

lately i have started picking up all these moments in life and putting them in a jar, the lid of which is keep tightly screwed. i open it, throw in an observation, a thought, a quotation or a realization and then quickly tighten the lid once again. they all float around, bumping into each other, merging sometimes, creating their own sense of being…turning into a sense of dawning awareness of me.

sitting at espresso last night was interesting. smoked turkey on brown. mochachinos. lattes. banana bread. one by one i threw all the elements from around me into my jar. im a collector. i collect moments from life.


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