cosmic combinations

Some combinations are truly cosmic, coming together with a thrumming harmony and an ease which makes me wonder why the angels didn’t conspire to put them together in the first place. These are the combinations that have the approval of the world. Which effortlessly blend into the fabric of each other’s existence, making me doubt that they were ever 2 individual elements to ever begin with. Is this what it means to be soul mates? Is a cosmic combination a connection, on some other-world, other-heart level that cannot be tapped into by simple human intelligence?

A particular ritual of mine is to stand infront of my cupoboard and stare at the contents, mentally mixing and matching clothes for the next couple of times I’m required to be social. Clothing combinations are fun. They add a sense of adventure to life: a kind of meddling satisfaction that you get out of putting 2 non-friendly stranger-type elements to test their vibes in a given situation.

Dippity Doo Da. Good combinations are plentiful, great ones slightly fewer and far between. Cosmic ones leave you changed.

Ever had one of those days when you walk up to your usual routine and find it looking back at you through flirtatious lowered lids, challenging you to deny the cosmos. You can ask all you want…the answers are unwavering, crystal clear in their purity, honesty and sense of purpose.

Is it those clothes ? Yes.

Is it these friends? Yes.

Is it that weather? That mood? The breakfast? The unexpected weight loss?

Yes. Yes. Yes. YES.

You walk a little straighter.

You hair-flip a little flouncier.

You side-glance a little naughtier.

You sway a little sexier.

Just the right combination. Cosmic, innit?


3 thoughts on “cosmic combinations

  1. i have sooo read this somewhere. wait, did you publish this in the pakistani magazine, pink? andd is your name sara jamil?

    i dont know you, was just reading through your blog.

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