Twenty-Five Realizations.

at some point in life everyone has received that one mail that has been multiple forwarded to a billion people which inevitably has the title “things i have learnt” or “things that make me happy” or something appropriately life altering along similar lines. everyones out there to share the wisdom. to hope that with their words as the guiding light, someone out there will finally do it right.

similarly, today i too will join the bandwagon and with my own tilted view of the world, share my knowledge. bear with me.

25 things i have realized along the way.

no matter how pathetic life is at a moment, a good dance session will make it better.

if stare long enough at the mirror and you will start to like what you see.

sisters are like versions of you, other ways you could have turned out.

writing makes you laugh at and love yourself.

moms are seriously the best. like, seriously.

everyone feels the same things. just differently.

all you need to feel independent is a set of keys you call your own.

chocolate merely needs to be there in the room to reassure you that life will get better.

i cannot stand pseudo-intellectual authors anymore. now that ive grown up.

i really CAN do anything i set my heart to. all i need is my credit card.

labelled relationships are overrated. totally.

time spent being in love is time spent wisely. no matter what.

moving on and letting go are total strangers.

someone i call my best friend should know what i am most scared of.

the more books i have, the richer i feel. thank god.

the more i read, the bigger my world gets. thank god.

you can fall apart, come back together and go on better than ever before. promise.

being in love and being in a marriage are 2 very different things.

the correct handbag can make you the most beautiful woman in the world.

friends are selfish creatures you love because you cant help yourself.

moisturizing is the most fulfilling feeling in world because it has instant results

the right song at the right time can make me fall apart completely.

its important to know one secret that no one else in the world knows.

intense physical exercise is the best way to get over someone.

the colour pink has the power to thoroughly transform lives.


11 thoughts on “Twenty-Five Realizations.

  1. How about this – if we are able to express our experiences in 25 lines – that means we have acutally lived and learned something out of life. 😀

    A great read, as always!!

  2. Huhhhhhh, you artist guys are making this innocent technical guy confused,…Woww, ..maaam i didnt relalized any of these points in my whole life,..Shuuuuuuuu,..u look like a damn cool artist infact,…
    what a brain,.how innovative ….
    m feeling jealous ….
    I am a socially unwitting software Engineer can only write C++ lines in response,…

  3. Hi

    Reading your blog from Detroit, USA. You write well. More importantly, you write about things i like to read about, in a way I like to read them. Kidding!!!
    You write very well’


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