Karachi by Car

I love driving. For as long back as I can remember, I was always the designated driver. The four of us would hatch a plan- a simple bunk from college or a sudden craving for Mr Burger and off we would go creating our own brand of adventure in this wild wild city we call Karachi. Almost ten years later, and I still love driving. We have moved on though. From the tiny sputtering borrowed FX in college to hard-earned much-loved rattling bug in the post graduation days. Days are still more different now, more the sky-blue-alto sort, but the high remains.


6 thoughts on “Karachi by Car

  1. I LOVE driving as well. Went from beat up fx days to snazzy khyber days; from poondifying in Defence to navigating the dodgy lanes of Urdu Bazaar and Lakshmi to taking day trips upcountry via the culturally rich GT road. Sadly enough, I don’t have a car here, so I get driven to any place I need. I’ll be driving all week long in Lahore. Looking forward to that :).

  2. I guess its natural progression for our generation of Pakistanis to start driving with an FX and move on to other cars.
    And speaking of the beattle, I still remember the day when I saw all of you together for the first time. I was dropping Naj of from University and you guys caught up with us near bilawal house and forced Naj to join in – I was like hmmm a beattle full of ladies 😀 hahahahahaha!

  3. Driving is a wonderful feeling..

    p.s. your posts are so easy-to-read yet insightful..thanks… its a rare trait in blogs 🙂

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