To a Life In Order

i love sundays because on this day, some little tiny bit of my chaotic life i can pull together and put into order by simply cleaning out a long neglected drawer, changing the bedsheets (the orange rust spread from Galleria Gultex looks promising for the week ahead), organizing the cupboard (hit by hurricanes 2 days ago) or making a heck of a to-do list. one truly physical mindless exercise in organization and suddenly the life-train seems somewhat back on some semblance of a track. im in control once again. Bring on the next week!


One thought on “To a Life In Order

  1. You lucky girl. I would actually die for a sunday like that – havent come across one in the past 3 months and I doubt if Id come across one till end of the year.
    One of the very few bad things about student life!!

    Keep enjoying all those days.


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