We are Living in a Material World.

and im a material girl. i realized today how much of a high i experience from small everyday regular MATERIAL things…like that shimmery new pink eyeshadow (which i dont know if ill ever use but is SO pretty) or that book i picked up from liberty that day for brainless reading (After Ever After by..ummm…ill tell you guys later). I so get a kick out of knowing there’s something new ive come home with. im unashamedly admitting that the newness of things is a HIGH. i bought my very first laptop today. all the fancy shmancy stuff. 3.2 Ghz and 80 GB and dvd and all…before i bought it i kept deliberating…was it me or not? was i ready to be a laptoppy-human-being? one who moves with her work? was it important enough in life to actually consider owning something that is for..well..important people? all the questions flew out of my head the minute i saw the machine. it was RED. there are moments in life when the decision is taken out of one’s hands and the Higher Powers take over.
its 5am…and i cant sleep. im so excited. its like a blank canvas…waiting for me to brand it with designs and thoughts and writings which are purely me. already it exudes a vibe that i can recognize, a vibe that is familiar in its zing…and i feel the creative speak reignite…and anticipation tingle all the way down to my toes.


3 thoughts on “We are Living in a Material World.

  1. hahahaha – thats awesome congrats on joining the ranks of Laptoppers [i am not even sure if thats a word or nto]- i wish you many a great times together with your Laptop. Have you named it yet ? You have to have a name!


  2. aaiiee!!!! RED LAPTOP! as if just a laptop wasn’t good enough, it’s RED!!! *drools* i pine for a laptop, absolutely pine for one….specially a fruity-coloured one :D:D hehehe red laptop….*sigh*

    i vote for ‘lap-sitter’ namewise 😉 something foxaayyy

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