2:58 am.

i opened this wondow all set to write. so many thoughts have been whirling inside my head for the past couple of weeks and the best words come to me when my laptop is not within handy distance. but now i sit here, yawning, and write this merely coz i refuse to shut this without writing anything. 3 am. time to sleep. ‘night.


13 thoughts on “2:58 am.

  1. Yes it was – I wasn’t sure myself and my friend’s nephew was getting kindof cranky otherwise I’d have come and said hi =)

  2. I saw your profile on orkut too a couple of days back. Funny, we’re a couple of degrees off, but connected through so many people.

  3. im not ALWAYS there…a lot yes though 😀 hehe. i love how the place makes me feel. how come i havent found you on orkut yet sam? who do we have in common?

  4. No one in common, Sara. Like I said, a couple of degrees off. Yeah, espresso is nice. I wish I was a hard core coffee fan though. Why can’t we have a nice place for tea-lovers to hang out at? Someplace where doodhpati doesn’t cost 80 bucks though. I bet that place would do roaring business. Hmm….I might just work on that idea.

  5. im a tea person myself. i just think no one will ever say socially ‘lets go for tea tonight’. and i offer to do the design for your…teahouse 🙂

  6. We do that … or used to do that. Atleast twice a week at Cafe Clifton! Good old days. Ugh!! Thats all I need. More depression inducing nostalgia.

  7. sigh. i agree sam, there need to be more tea houses. now i wish i lived in the 50s and 60s where tea houses used to be a great place for discussions and more. what’s left of the old tea houses now are empty buildings or ugly shopping plazas.

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