happy catty mao to meyum 

happy catty mao to meyum Posted by Hello


13 thoughts on “happy catty mao to meyum 

  1. are u selling your work? i’ll be coming to karachi in the summers and would love to buy some…
    do please let me know

  2. I agree! And I love that pic.

    P.S: Like anabella, I’ll ask too – do you sell your work? I’d love to get a framed image of this cat one.

  3. y’know what you should do (and i want an illustration too :D), you should do what sandra boynton does: funky things with her animal cartoons….i have a much-loved set of oven mittens and pot holders with a cartoon cat wearing an apron and holding a pot, looking much frazzled, and it says ‘please hassle me. i thrive on stress’…lolll you should do something funky like that 😀 i’d buy it all 😀

  4. Thats such a great illustration! Masha Allah, you are one talented person – because you express thoughts and ideas so eloquently, its like someone’s painted an idea, which sounds silly but thats what it is.

  5. I would love a copy of this too – please 🙂 You are very creative. You haven’t told us if you sell your work. These illustrations on fridge magnets would be terrific. Looking forward to more great illustrations!

  6. thanks you guys. and saba, you totally got it right. sometimes a picture is worth a thousand words. or maybe ive just become less vocal. hmmm. lemme fix up this illustration and you can all have one each. 😀

  7. I love love lovvvve your illustrations..and I want a copy toooo! 🙂

    And very true about Music and Cats being the best escape from misery 🙂

  8. hey. you guys all have cats as pets? thats great. lets share cat stories!! and you guys can all have this cat illustration or wait a bit for this series of 3 that im plannin on doing…something i thought of a couple fo days ago…and havent had time to do! never ending shaadi season…ugh.

  9. actually i have a dog fer a pet .. she’s a golden lab.. look in the archives in my blog and you’ll find a pic of her ..

    make me one of her .. pweeeaseee !!

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