My Five "New Life" Resolutions.

Last night, I got engaged. As K and I sat there, on the blessed hot pink couch and exchanged rings amidst claps and hoots and cheers and blessings, everything blurred in a mad kaleidoscope of colours. And yet every single person’s expressions stood out in sharp relief. Varying degrees of emotion, laughter, disbelief, love, happiness, joy. I wished I’d had a camera. To capture my very own sassy quirky perspective on being an engaged woman.

Now that I have been engaged almost 24 hours, I am older and wiser. Which is why I share with you my “New Life” Resolutions. We all make resolutions on December 31st, in hope that the coming year something will be better… Similarly, as I step into my “New Life” as someone’s better half, I make some resolutions…for better or for worse.

1. I will try to always remember the flip and thrill of these days. And try to keep it alive.

2. I will not be cynical for the sake of sounding married.

3. Every single day, I will look for one thing that I appreciate in my relationship. And then tell K about it.

4. I will continue to be a GOOD friend- one who makes time to bitch, listen, support, shop, bum, chill and have coffee at Espresso with her girlfriends.

5. I will stay me, and improve, and remind myself that the road here was not easy and once upon a time, just a few weeks ago, I, too was a confused searching-for-the-meaning-of life-twenty something.


12 thoughts on “My Five "New Life" Resolutions.

  1. sara,
    as a newly wed young woman, your 5 pointers are making me nod myself silly. its so terrifyingly easy to fall into the taking for granted khadda- a constant reminder to not do that helps. the best resolution however was the taking time to be a friend. theres nothing quite as awful as a girlfriend who gets hitched and thats all she gets for a long long while.

    i hope you and mr. k will be happiness itself. whatever else you do before, after, during big day, dont stop these mad, happy illustrations.

  2. Congratulations Sara! 🙂

    May you live a fairytale married life, happily ever after! 😀

    I’d like to give you just one advice, and I want you to take this seriously. Don’t stay engaged for long and get married as soon as possible.

  3. Mubarakkkkk ho! That’s so wonderful=)MashahAllah.Congratulations to the two of you…Here’s to a happy life…*cheers*

  4. hehe thanks for the advice faraz. will keep it in mind.

    cheesooo, thanks for the pep talk. half the battle is won if we even begin to realize these things.

    and thanks Mina, imagine the hot pink couches on mustard carpets. in the end it looked gorgeous but the beginning was a colour clash!

  5. congrats again! and some great resolutions those are 🙂 – best of luck with ’em – and mmmm, the pancakes and coffee at espresso are yummmmmmmy 😀

  6. sara… was going through ur blog from the start… i hope u get to read this… and i hope ure living up to ur resolutions!

    I wish u the best!

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