spectacular karachi evenings. 

spectacular karachi evenings. Posted by Hello


6 thoughts on “spectacular karachi evenings. 

  1. jam jam jammie, fruit and nut jammie (8)
    (from the ad)

    hahaha wanted to do that ever since i started reading your blog *grin*

    Thank You Thank You Thank You – Its been ages since I saw those rocks and that beach – what a sight eh – i love those clouds – did it rain??
    Within a second all my memories from that neigbourhood just flashed in front of my eyes. What a pleasure!! 😀

  3. yeh yeh make fun of the jammin’. youre all jealous i tell ya 🙂

    kumail glad you enjoyed the karachi-ness.

    and saba, we really should follow the Blogger Etiquette Manual which requires you to say hello to fellow bloggers. im assuming you saw me at Espresso. 😀

  4. Yes I did! I should’ve said hi but you looked deep in conversation and I was trying too hard to sip my coffee slowly enough to while away the time until my friend showed up and also praying it wouln’t evaporate. I want to camp out in the empty plot in that lane and live near life-giving-power-Espresso forever 🙂

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