one espresso afternoon

our last “time-out” at espresso ended with an assignment from mariam. we must blog what we took back from our conversation that day.

that night, sitting at my lap top, i was blank. the words were all in my head. churning. seething. jostling. and yet no tangible thought resulted. and my usual worry set in. am i fresh out of new ideas? can i no longer think originally?

shahzad nawaz, my fourth year advertising design teacher, once told us that ideas are floating about in the air, not belonging to anyone. you pick one and its yours. and as i grew into better more passionate designer, i realized the depth of that statement. that rarely are their ideas which are completely new. maybe never. but the way you pick it out of the millions and what you turn it into is what makes it yours and priceless. and so i sat again, this time with crayons and decided to plot down the life of an idea. of the way it transmits, like an epidemic from person to person, changing and yet ephemerally, remaining the same. and i draw immense inspiration and comfort from the thought that no matter how many fellow designers pick at the same idea from our pool of great ideas hanging in the air, i will always be different, original, unique…because no one else has lived my life.


One thought on “one espresso afternoon

  1. very interesting that we did pick on a few words of importance which we took back with us after that day. check mine out and you will know what i mean.

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