Time Travel to Happy Places.

sitting for lunch at biryani centre today, with 3 people i associate with a life long ago, i got to thinking how simple time travel has become. find the right people, in the right setting and suddenly the past ten years cease to exist. for that moment, you are that same 18 year old, the butt of jokes, analysis and laughter and yet this time round you actually have perspective. and as walked towards our cars, i realized we make our own happy places- by stealing moments in hectic, full, work-packed days to reconnect with the important people who make up our life, today and ten years ago.


7 thoughts on “Time Travel to Happy Places.

  1. are you trying to kill us expats sara? biryani centre??

    did u have the medium masala or the hot/high level masala biryani? raita, kachoombar? did u sit inside with yellow t shirt waiters flitting about or did u sit outside?

    i can feel a physical ache in my heart as i think of the steaming hot biryani

  2. I know what you mean. I had such a re-connection moment yesterday and I’ve been smiling since. I’ve bene listening to this Keane song and it has a line that says ‘And years make everything alright.’ – that line is so true for such moments. 🙂

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