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on saturday, i attended, along with my other designer friends a day long seminar called STORYBORED, pakistan’s journey in advertising. although not directly aimed at “designers”, the few of us who were sitting together still managed to take back from the conference a lot more than i feel the dull faced client execs spotting the hall did.

something imran syed of adcom said reverberated in my head long after we left.
“we need to be seduced so bad”. although in typical pakistani style, this was met with under-the-breath snickers and nudges to each other (eww), it clunked a bell in my head. thats what it is. the missing link is that we no longer feel seduced by what we do. the lure, the magic, the pull, the chemistry is all gone…pfffft! we have settled for being boring mundane people, existing rather than passionately involved in life. we have given up the thrill and chase of every day challenges to be safe, secure and ultimately, vegetables. we dont strive for passion and perfection in our work- we are happy with ‘good’. we dont flame up the romance in our lives…we are happy with ‘comfortable’. when we have created a numbing limbo around us where we arent tickled at the thought of change being a powerful exciting living concept then why are we surprised that life doesnt take us anywhere?

contrary to public opinion, inspiration isnt the name of some legendary bird that only visits a few lucky people each year. inspiration lies within is. when i am no longer content with who i am, i will discover another way to be me. that is inspiration. when i am sick and bored of the drudgery, i will find another way to do the task. that is inspiration. when i feel stuck in a rut and bored with life, i will take a match and go out there to set fires. little tid bits of inspirational behaviour will not necessarily change the world, but it will shift the wind in another direction. and as it musses up my hair in the wrong direction, i will smile.


7 thoughts on “Re-Vamping

  1. Hello there, Just curious, do you work for an advertising company in Karachi ? My sister is in advertising too. She wants to work in Pakistan. Wondering if you have any contacts in this industry. I can give you details via email.

    Email me @

  2. you havent said it- but i think ure talking about fear…
    its what makes us act the way you have described…
    the sad part is that there is hardly anyone left…who is not scared to take a chance on anything exciting anymore.

  3. well said! and very true.

    you will feel this attitude a lot more if you step out of the Pakistani culture for a little while and look back in. Question is, is it just about “survival”?

  4. what made you think I was missing? I read your blog posts regularly 🙂

    About being passionate about what you do and finding that inspiration:
    I agree, inspiration is a personal choice. But, we should ‘own’ the responsibility once we commit to something and that sense of ownership will keep us going and keep us inspired.

  5. i never thought i could agree with this man who spoke about design and passion in a single breath…
    it just made my whole interpretation of the story bored so so differnt and i thought that ok maybe the whole thing was not as trashy as i thought and i did take back something soo worthwhile with me!
    so us passionites will always find a reason to belive..

  6. Wicked – really wicked – I love the way you spelled it out!! For a second I heard a sinister chuckle in those words. Its so true though, from my little experience I see that theres a generation of people in Pakistan that thrives on being mediocre and likes following the oft trodden path, so move to the left no more to the right just a plain simple line!! I personally blame that on the ever changing socio-political climate that generation grew up in. they werent sure when experimentation would be appreciated hence sticking to the basics was the word of the day. That’s kind killed the fun in life.

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