i love days when i manage to cross out every single thing to do on my list.


7 thoughts on “Accomplishments.

  1. tick tick tick…BIG BLACK BOLD MARKER!!!!seems like you are are crossing out things jumping over hurdles and coming up a winner

  2. I love those days too. However I especially love those days when I tick off stuff on my list of stuff to accomplish during my lifetime, Big WOW.

  3. Lists, are they even meant to be followed? – I make a To Do list and loose in my drawer only to find it a year later and humor myself 😀 but from what everybody is saying here, I guess I am the odd ball!

  4. I am a list addict. It drives my husband crazy!! I try to explain to him that this is why he is disorganized but I just can’t get it through to him. Hey, that’s the male species for you 😉

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