My Blog Story

everyone has a blog story. something inspirational they read online. someone they met who just makes them more magic…a big event…a small incident…anything…something…that led to the eventual formation of what is now known as their blog. what a funny word. blog. blog. hahah. blog. sometimes the simplicity of words masking the complexity and wholeness of emotions and existence overwhelms me. TheWishJarTales


5 thoughts on “My Blog Story

  1. Just a perception: words often hide ones true identity, you often feel as if you know someone after reading their blog, your world is shattered when you meet, odd , cos you would think if thats inside their head thats what they should be like, very misleading. Talking from experience.Now I try never to make any assumptions.Its hard but I try…

  2. hi!
    i bloghopped and came accross urs.
    i LOVE ur illustrations.
    i was really curious as to how u do them: do u draw them on paper and scan them? or do u have a tablet? any other tool?
    will appreciate ur help!
    keep up the amazing work!
    –Sabreena Ali

  3. thanks sam. one of my friends insists i look like a boy in it!

    misreflection…true enough. i know so many people who fall in love with the words exchanged on msn only to meet and find no chemistry. words are a powerful thing.

    sabreena. thanks for visiting. well i usually use the mouse and directly onto the computer but depending on inspiration levels have been known to collage/sketch/doodle and then scan. i do have a tablet also but am not totally comfy on it yet. are you a designer also?

  4. what a purty picher, you look GREAT 😀

    if you fell in love with someone’s words, you fell in love with their essence….and that is indeed a VERY powerful thing. it transcends the superficial trappings of body and face and skin, methinks. pure.

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