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mental blockage. blocked. BLOCK.
in the box. think out of the box. out of the box is the new box.
is it always about a box? structure it. limits. briefs. harness.
MORE blocks. blocking on msn? block out the world. the space within. inner peace. outgrow your box. break that box. dont box me. am i part of a category?

since when did we become so obsessive about these little compartments? let me make my own box.


10 thoughts on “Blocks.

  1. Let me share my inspiration with you. Her mom posted her picture at a photography special interest group I’m part of, she is about 6 months old and tries to grab the camera everytime her mother tries to take her picture 🙂

  2. contented sigh. babies are just perfect. you can spend hours and hours just clicking them . as a trigger-happy aunt, ive spent many a fun hour just taking pics and pics. god bless the digital camera.

  3. its gorgeous. edible almost. how much computer work goes into images like this? just a slight adjustment or more you think?

  4. Sam Javanrough is a very skilled photographer, the picture is real but it has had some help with post-production or darkroom-treatment because no camera on earth can reproduce the same effect you see with your eyes. So you have to tweak the colors, saturation, contrast a little bit to match it with what you saw when you were taking the picture

  5. wow!awesome picture!
    sara strange..what happened..
    but guess what you are inspiration to always manage to make even mental blocks seem like a creativity bomb in making…i love your work and you are someone who can inspire everyone else around you..
    and it’s just a block…read a bit of calvin and hobbes(trust me you will start thinking afresh)

  6. sara and blocks….? I always associated sara outside the box….so y make a block when so far you have managed without one….or so I think! Goodluck….its just a presentation!

  7. i know i know. just a presentation. i just think im not pushing creative boundaries myself and perhaps looking to blame someone. hence, the client.

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