Strike! Strike! Strike!

Day Three of Non-Productiveness.
ze mental bloc ees driving me ze insane.
i feel like ze working
but eet ees too much of ze pain.

*tap*tap*tap* what to do? where to go from here?
[jammie sighs.]

should being creative have a timeline? should it work in allotted slots or be forever rendered useless? and what happens to useless creativity then? is it sent to the land of unneeded designs? need on time. or not need at all. so if a good idea comes late, its a bad idea?
is it frustration with the current status quo of design in life that all these demons are rising again? and is that why i cant work? is the designer in me on strike until situations improve?


7 thoughts on “Strike! Strike! Strike!

  1. Heres a thought. I sometimes feel that we have a mental block when our mind is unconciously tied in some form of a cycle. Like its gotten used to responding to the same situations day in and day out. We actually tend to BOX it and when the need is to think OUT OF THE BOX – the mind doesnt respond easily.
    So my suggestion, try something new, something different, something you havent done in a long long time. Kind of inducing your brain to come across a situation that it has not experienced ever, or in a while at least. Thats when it starts processing at a different speed and breaks the odd cycle that we somehow train it to become a part of.

  2. oye you .. listen .. do you use msn or something ?!

    i mean if you do then add me sometime .. i’m into media myself and was wondering about a few things .. thought you could help me with that ..

    btw .. i hate it when creativity is demanded in a timeline

  3. i dont know if we have the luxury of nurturing our creativity in a set up like ours. everything functions on a haphazard last minute streak so much so that you get used to it and when you finally get time, finding an actually creative pattern is an alient thought. i think im just tired and rutty. need a break.

  4. its weird but i was thinking about the same thing and i was trying to come up with resaons why creativity should not be bound..thats one resaon i left the agency..and i was thinking why i never will…
    by the way jam….feb is almost over….july is so closeeeeeeeeeeee:)

  5. i find, weirdly enough, that i can be so creative when i’m under a deadline- for something else 😀 but otherwise if the muse just won’t nibble, can’t do anything ’bout it except wait..

  6. I don’t know – I’ve been stuck in arut for a while now – but mediocrity always inspires me to write something bigger, better, something un-tabloid like, something I can actually be proud of. Listen to some new music maybe – always helps.

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