on being a teacher

after class today, a one of my foundation year kids came up to me and said, “you know every day i get up and think im SO not sure i want to do this, and then your friday class comes about and im like…this is what i want to do. so, thanks.” it’s moments like these, i tell ya. its moments like these.


12 thoughts on “on being a teacher

  1. well lets just say there are good days and bad days. sometimes the energy just clicks. and everything you say falls into place. *magic class* πŸ˜€

  2. i agree with the kid.
    i felt like that u-know-when.
    but u pulled me out of it, with that talk you gave me.
    so despite the situation and the not-changing grade..i believe in my work and continue to stand by it.
    love u, mwah!

  3. faraz i teach typography and the “kids” would be between 19-21.

    khizzy thanks. all in a days work on being the eldest jam.

  4. how come i never had a teacher like that? eva? i mean – no fair. but i say your students are the blessed! carry on and spread some.

  5. here a loving comment from an ex-student…
    its true- you were…are a great teacher- i know i learnt..learn a lot from you everyday…all my friends think so too-
    i remember the days you were late for class…there was a panic in the class, “you mean sara WONT be taking the crit?”
    good ol days πŸ˜‰

  6. yes….and you manage to inspire fellow teachers too:)i come their as a student..ummmm but thats my secret…only u know:)
    sometimes i wonder why all tecahers cant be that way,.undesratnd a students mind and inspire them rather than kill them.
    love doing this!!!:)

  7. hahah meyum are you referring to our random discussions on ‘teaching is a high’??

    insiya-thanks but seriously though, its all about combinations. if you work with people who trust you enough and believe in your abilities, theres really nothing you cant do. πŸ™‚

  8. I believe teaching is such a challenege, because you arent just imparting knowledge, you are determining the future of a generation, guiding them as to how they shape their lives.
    Just imagine how ecstatic youd be when your students get recognized by the world and you think to yourself, I taught them how to do that! πŸ˜€

  9. If you are passionate about what you do , everyone will see and feel it. A time for a pat on the back , well done. For me at this stage of my life , the only teacher I have is life, with its ups and downs, my classroom the world in which I live, the students – the people I interact with but reading your blog takes me back sometimes , : -)

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