Put That Book Down.

it has been over 3 months since i last read a book cover to cover. one of the longest dry spells in recent years. every time i pick up a book and settle down with my mug of tea on my white leather chair to lose myself in the world of words…life happens. and i have to put my book down. reading a book in breaks is a different pleasure but i miss the high of turning pages without being able to hold back. i long for the arising feeling of excitement as your eyes skim over the words almost faster than your brain can interpret them. so i request life to slow down a teensy bit. just for a while. so i can get my cant-put-it-down fix…and then we can go right on with the fast forward mode. thanks so very much- i appreciate it.


8 thoughts on “Put That Book Down.

  1. i know how you feel. i got 10 books from lahore and all i’ve managed to read is 1. one i tell you. ONE! sigh.

  2. I am thinking when life is in the fast lane, is a book really needed ? I feel that Sometimes when our own life is moving at a warp speed its a lot more fun than any work of fiction.

    Just a loud thought!!

  3. GOD. i could fight you on this for hours. books are food for the soul. life and all is great but books provide serious relief. i cant even begin to list ways in which books complete my life.

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