Grab them windows.

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somehow the universe always understands when you are ready for some time out. work suddenly becomes more hectic, deadlines crazier and the pace quickens, building up to a crescendo…

and suddenly it’s right there in your face. a small window of opportunity.

an out of the blue chance to get away and recharge the creative battery.

this window can be a few much needed hours without the cell phone in your cozy place watching a movie with tea or it can be a bigger window…a chance to actually change your environment. walk away from what constitutes the daily grind into a brand new, fresh outlook. and come back shiny. or somewhat shiny. even somewhat shiny works.

for the next 5 blissful days, amna and i will be in lahore. we will do nothing but be social, be lazy, be shoppy and most importantly just be. a reward for the past few months of incessant working hard and playing hard. its amazing how if you are true enough to what you do, the windows start popping up around you and you can always climb out for a breath of fresh air, to be able to come back to give life your best shot…again.


2 thoughts on “Grab them windows.

  1. can u rub it in a little harder.
    it doesnt hurt yet!
    *u cant see it but im sticking my tongue out at u*
    lol, i hope u have a great time.

  2. ur words are like magic. often they make me feel happy…its nice how u appreciate the little things in life. 🙂 masha’Allah

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