Wagah-ing in Heels- survival story from a fashion victim

in true aunty style, i went to the see the guards act at the wagah border in my multicolour strappy heels today.

im a practical person. despite the fact that i love dressing up, i cant help but veer towards functional. i can gravtitate towards frivolous but somehow, somewhere, the functional is an undrelying threat. always. so this weekend, as i flew down to attend the TCF BahaarPolo weekend in lahore with amna, i decided to leave my pragmatic self in karachi and give into the overstyled temptation that is lahore.

lunch was royal palm country club affair. so, my inner voice said, heels are the order for the day. but, said my head said, what about later? ignoring that voice and giving into the social pressure that can only exist in the mind of a late twenty-something aspiring to one day evolve into an aunty, i proudly trotted out in my heels. i could almost feel the high course through me.
after a sedate enough lunch stylishly walking around, small talking and chitchatting, suddenly adventure followed, as everyone piled into coasters and went to the wagah border.
sitting next to amna in the bus as everyone laughed and chattered, all aunty-pana flew out the window, and we were on any school trip we might have attended together in many years of school and college. a patriotic 2 hours and a close view at india later, still in my now uncomfortable strappy heels, i walked back to the bus thinking how amazing how it was only the heels that reminded me of where i am in life right now. otherwise, it was the mad olden days again.


10 thoughts on “Wagah-ing in Heels- survival story from a fashion victim

  1. would love to be able to look smug and smile- heeheee-the hyper amna/sara of amnasara fame in heels trotting like an ‘aunty’? heeheeee… let me not hear anythign about me being a fashion victim darling.

  2. sara in heels and that too to see wagah border,…..best best..and yeh sometime its is the goddamn heels that remind you of how far you ahve come and how at any given point you can throw things away and still be happy
    ..hmm just realized that i dont make sense:)

  3. I saw the guards change duty at Wagah on tv in Pakistan, they look like starched-neck roosters ready to pick a fight πŸ™‚

  4. hahaha…best thing abt wagah are the porters! blue and beige, carrying mysterious crates…it’s like a modern arabian nights mini-caravan πŸ™‚

  5. mars…you dont know how much you were missed.

    faraz/mina ill put up pics of the ‘starched roosters’ you should see them in person.

    meyum…ummm…whats up?

  6. giggles, high heels, lipstick and girlfreinds….all together and you are suddenly the little girl in high school, having the time of her life. that’s why for me, my girlfreinds are like time machines. πŸ™‚

    those guards look like caffeine deprived wrecks, throwing about their legs and slamming them doors…as seen on tv.;)

  7. I saw the guard change last July and I had goose bumps on my entire body and I wanted to sing all the national songs / anthems that I had ever heard. And the cute baba who take a few rounds on the road with the flag waving is sweet!

    I wonder if I’d feel the same, the second time around…

  8. ahem…mariam hussain ms fashion tish victim.. i was not in heels πŸ˜‰ hehehe and mars like it or not u are a fashion victim heheheh

  9. For the foreigner that I am, seeing in person the change of guards at wagah border was quite an experience….it’s a mix of international relations dilemna and pure old-fashioned human and national pride…the comical look on the guards’ faces aside, it was rather moving for me…

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