Back into the Groove

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its amazing how an exercise routine can help put everything in perspective. life, love, and career. that one hour forty five minutes belongs solely, purely and exclusively to me- to shut my brain off and push myself to the physical limit.
theres something deeply gratifying about being able to take any extra energy out into the world by actually strenuously releasing it from you. thats one bit of extra energy that would have gone into thinking thoughts i just dont need right now and in restlessness i simply cant afford right now.
after almost 2 months of “procrastinational no-exercise”, i finally dragged myself to aerobics yesterday. and with an aching body and a revived mind, came back a believer yet again.


3 thoughts on “Back into the Groove

  1. hats off to you.. a woman who knows her aerobics is a woman who knows what to do with life, love and career


  2. I want to do that too. Where do you go? I was thinking of joining studio X. A couple of problems though …
    a). I have absolutely no self discipline.
    b). My physcial coordination sucks.

  3. i go to this place on mujahid called mrs yousufs. i like it coz its dance aerobics an di was pretty uncoordinated too in the beginning. its strenuous but it make a world of a difference. let me know if you want to come in for a demo class. 🙂

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