i act. you react.

i ran into meyum on the stairs today and as usual our conversation went in leaps and bounds from india trip details to the fact that its broasting weather to the recent developments in life as we know it…and as we laughed helplessly at imagined scenarios of the years ahead…i got to thinking how true it is that for every action there an equal and opposite reaction.

does everything we do get propelled by some action on the part of somebody else out there in the world? preferring to be the master of my own fate or atleast the mistress of my own indecision, i am disturbed by the thought that someobody else’s actions will mean my reactions…and my actions will bring about reactions somewhere else. are we all merely black and white dominoes, waiting statically in line for some fault in the earth to start shaking our lives? or are we stronger, defying turns of events we dont like, creating our own individual psychedelically coloured paths and funky, mad, crazy patterns?


5 thoughts on “i act. you react.

  1. Thats life, also upset the balance and pay the price good or bad.. At least you realise this , I know some that think the your actions are yours alone, rubbish!, actions are always propelled by something or someone. Yes for every action there is a reaction, laws of physics govern life.

  2. its true, its usually a chain of events/reactions triggered of by something big or small…that is why it makes sense to think before we act or react.

  3. Even when we take the road less travelled, we cause something to change, somewhere, in someone’s life. We ARE all dominoes, as you put it, regardless of what we do.

  4. Perhaps there is always a reaction, the important thing is, do u want the reaction to be a controlled chain reaction & use it in a possitive way (produce electricity) or make it uncontrolled & destroy whatever comes ur way (Neuclear bomb) :p

  5. hahhahah yes..it was too good and your blog reminds me of the circles wala blog you had put up earlier:)

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