living out loud

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im short on words these days (although my friends may vehemently disagree). so instead of using words on my blog, im using colours to say what is in my head and heart these days.

credit for title goes to keri smiths book Living Out Loud


7 thoughts on “living out loud

  1. great blog – i loved your 25 realizations (i had to find something to distract me at work from real work, so i ended up digging through your archives).

  2. That sure is loud..:)

    Being a designer you have the option of replacing words by colours…

    In my line of work, replacement for words would be…..more words or worse…food!

    Thanks for dropping by my site…still trying to come up with a fresh term for “friends”.

  3. Bright,colorful,vibrant,cheeky reds intermingled with pinks and blues..this reminded me of how color changes our moods,perspectives so easily…am glad i came by your blog:)

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