club 28.

on april 13, amidst family and friends, i turned another year older. wiser. younger. happier. scareder. funner. me-er…none of this is new wisdom, mind you. just stuff re-realized in different contexts.

1. just as the going gets rough, sisters show up like troopers, armed with crazy snacks and party songs, ready to bash away the blues.

2. the time to let go must happen slowly, with anger, resentment, sorrow and eventually deep sympathy for the loser who lost out on wonderful you.

3. sometimes, old flames make the best friends.

4. every birthday has a sparkly, magic moment. an sms, call, visitor or feeling that suddenly leaves you breathless.

5. pancake breakfasts can fix anything.

6. bother a little, it may matter a lot.

7. love is a warm pink shawl on a brisky cold evening at the beach.

8. if mama is happy, the world is happy.

9. broken hearts can be somewhat mended with the right dosage of haagen daazs belgian chocolate.

10. getting older and getting wiser have not necessarily met.

11. nothing beats the anticipatory excitement of waiting for a special occasion, mentally crossing off days till that morning dawns bright and clear, full of possibility.

12. sometimes, suddenly, in a flash, im overwhelmed by how rich i truly am. thank you, Allah mian.

13. happiness is a white kurta with bright, crazy coloured handmade flowers along the neckline.

14. i will never cease to wonder how, when it is time, human beings move on. so easily. so happily.

15. believe. believe. believe. and some more.

16. all the logic in the world will not soothe an aching heart.

17. you cant lie about about love. it’s there in your smile, in your hands, in your heart, on your face, in your eyes and it shouts pretty loudly too.

18. sometimes 5 years arent enough and sometimes 5 minutes are.

19. if you cant shout at your friends for hurting you, they might as well not be your friends.

20. if you are lucky, you will end up with your best friend as a life partner.

21. birthdays bring out the real expectations, the real feelings, the real needs.

22. only your sisters can be fiercely loyal and caustically critical in the same breath.

23. you can hide your unhappiness by dancing with abandonment to “chunnari chunnari”. it works each time.

24. true love is quiet, unassuming, not needing to be loud and proclaim its presence all over the place. it just…is.

25. girlfriends can fix anything in the course of one afternoon.

26. and as life goes on, we get more freaky about collecting the good times and storing them for the long winters ahead.

27. it takes one right person to undo the damage of several wrong ones.

28. i will love wholly, completely, truly, passionately and without reservation, for anything less is not fair to me.


15 thoughts on “club 28.

  1. and as always i love the blog….somehow no matter how bleak life may look, reading ayour blog kindoff changes the perspective, atleast for that particular time!

  2. hey happy b’lated b’day! and all the best for the upcoming years.

    i love your list!
    my b’day is later this month and i hope i’m getting wiser and not just older. damn!

  3. happy belated birthday! and i know what you mean by that chunari chunari thing – bhangra/dance songs can lift your spirits faster than chocolate πŸ™‚

  4. 1. just as the going gets rough, sisters show up like troopers, armed with crazy snacks and party songs, ready to bash away the blues.

    22. only your sisters can be fiercely loyal and caustically critical in the same breath.

    thank you thank you *bow*

  5. sara, hi
    i love reading your blog- just like i love my morning mugga chai and dose of ABBA every few days (the music, not the parent) its always a fun read with some madness and your particular brand of wisdom

    rock on, wont you?

  6. happy happy joy joy!

    so what if i am 4 days late – its the thought that counts! =) may you have another happy, healthy million years ahead with your lovely sisters and Co. by your side.

  7. thank you guys for all the wishes.. πŸ™‚

    kat/cheesooo, if i made your day, i consider this blog successful!

    its amazing what you think is just personal experience is common ground for so so many people πŸ™‚

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