foxy lady…

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on my birthday, mars gave me a book, Virgin Territory, to celebrate what will be ‘yet another first’ in my life. marriage.

ive been thinking about firsts. first tooth. first cycle. first best friend. first love. first heartbreak. the book has a collection of stories of firsts. of bad first memories of people who later turned into your best friends or great first memories which then turned sour. and as i read through it, i noticed again how we so measure how far we are in life by our firsts. we laugh at them, holding them close, cherishing them, and yet feeling relieved that we are now beyond somehow, onto the bigger and better.

i dedicate this post to my first car, which i bought 5 years ago today, fresh out of college and oozing with the high of what was going to mark my first step into being my very own person.


8 thoughts on “foxy lady…

  1. When ever things feel monotonous I ask myself, when was the last time I did something for the first time and if it was too long ago, that means something needs to be done as a first and quick. An adventure continously awaits us around the corner. Such is the pleasure of being alive 😀

  2. ahhhhh- the good times spent in that lil foxy- driving around the city-going to itwar bazar-
    *sigh* so what if you now have a smoother, ac-numa, less noisy , slightly more roomy care to ureself.
    a foxy is a foxy!

  3. I wanna get a Mini Cooper. I love Foxy’s though. Its chic and specially if a bunch of hysterical girls are on board! Brings back great memories.

    lol @ kAy. 😛

  4. those foxy days. the disasters we had. and yes, insiya, the hysterical girls are a must to make any drive memorable.

    and cocaine, one of the most successful campaigns to run for Eimrates airline had the line “when was the last time you did something for the first time?”

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