A Not-So-Good April 25 Gets Better.

To make up for today being one of those particularly failed, disappointing, non-achievement-types, I advance-ordered Harry Potter and the Half Blood Prince at Liberty Books today. He said I should get it by July 20. Almost 6 weeks after its release worldwide. But hey, it’s the original and hardbound. And for a good thing, or so they say, you have to wait.

And three days after getting the book, inshallah, I will get married. 🙂


6 thoughts on “A Not-So-Good April 25 Gets Better.

  1. hahah now jam you wont have to worry about what to do for three days..maybe you can even sit for mayun;)

  2. a lil research: 4 days before you get the book fm 89 will turn a year older. 7 days after you get the book i will turn a year older. 16 days before you get the book USA will be celebrating!

    wishing you all the best. =)

  3. jonybr…i cant wait…reading a jaali paperback will be mean and cheap to the actual beauty of the hardback!!

    meyum/mina…its prolly the ONLY way ill get to sit in one place for some time to become GORI GORI. eww.

    ameer…thanks. 🙂

    insiya…thank you for the random trivia. am looking fwd to seeing what fm does for its first year celebs.

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