i can hear the summer

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18 thoughts on “i can hear the summer

  1. sara: this is the gadani beach in baluchistan. its beautiful.

    and khizzy…this is one of farzads pics.

    xtasy….go. summers started 🙂

  2. loveitloveitloveit. and the pink basta too! (its the first time in several years that i called a bag a basta!)

    anyway, very pwetty. give a pat on farzad’s back – whoever he is. brillianto~

  3. damn people living near a coast! *grumble grumble* i’ve enough of four-hour away mountains! gimme some sand and surf and slippy slidey rocks and really cold water i says!!!! *thumps flip-flops on table*

    ahem, lubly picher. is dat you on the left?

  4. insiya..i had been saving my pretty pink beach bag for almost 7 months now 🙂 yaay.

    mina im on the right. 🙂 and trust me…i envy you your four hour away mountains *sigh* wanna trade for a bit?

  5. I love this picture..it’s friendship and nature rolled into one..

    that wave receding just near the big rock is lovely…

  6. and i can feel the summers already.This pic is so awesome.I want to go to gadani.At the moment,even a swimming pool would do.I have spent six years up in the mountains and now i want to spend six here on the beach.Water’s addictive,i tell you!

  7. i can see the beach from my balcony

    well.. an ugly beach.. but theres atill water and sand, eventhough both of them are a weird grey colour.

    gotta love karachi and the oil spills 😀

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