soaring temperatures cause madness.

Is it a case of massive heatsroke or is someone in Karachi trying to get a laugh out of its wilting citizens after the past few days of renewed tension and strikes?
Being driven past Do Talwar, more famously Tasty Circle now, I happened to glance up and there I saw, in bright colours for the world to see, a billboard proclaiming “Happy Birthday My Wild Man. Your Goose Misses You!”
Images of Goose from Top Gun sparred with images of George (from the Jungle) as i helplessly gave into the much needed laughter.
Welcome to Karachi, City of the Madcaps.


7 thoughts on “soaring temperatures cause madness.

  1. Ah, the thrills never stop eh – whats with Tasty Circle though? – its not related to that supari thing is it??

  2. sings loudly: george, george, george of the jungle!

    haha, how people continue to express their love in karachi never fails to amuse me.

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