bunty aur babli.

sometimes suddenly theres a movie soundtrack that just adds a bit of dance to life…suddenly your trudging steps are happy skips and you sit at your computer, working, but your head bobs to an aniticipatory beat. of something slightly magic about to happen. as mars very aptly says its the “just the right amount of amitabh flavour and funk”. listening to bunty aur babli, im amazed how a simple song can alter the outlook and add the zsa zsa zu (another hussy trade marked term) to the recent tedium and crazy mad hatter pace…
yaaaay i love new happy pointless songs in life. bring ’em on!


4 thoughts on “bunty aur babli.

  1. i wanna watch bunty and bubli too …. daymn the perils of living in a place not yet completly infiltrated by desis 😦

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