the india we read about and see in the papers is so different from the india you see while walking down chowpatty. its realer, dirtier, smellier, more tangible. you can actually feel the movies here. one every road on every wall theres a story of some actor having done this or that. the past day of having been in mumbai has been a total complete visual overdose. from the gleaming shining multiplexes to the dank dirty streets, it assaults your sense. a veritable contradiction of existence. too uch to see, too much to do seems to be the song for the enxt week.


8 thoughts on “mum-bhai.

  1. You make me want to visit India even more than I did before. Thanks for making it so real and visceral.

  2. india seems so far and stories have just been heard over the years from generations above me like old wive’s tales, making it ever more mysterious. i will end up there one day.

  3. a bit strangled route (left at the traffic lights) and I ended up here at your blog. What a pleasant surprise. Excellent blog! Shall return often to peruse your wares (as it were)…

  4. hey guys. im baccck.

    patry….words dont even BEGIN to do it justice. you gotta visit. its tangible. πŸ™‚

    abbas: india has that stories-from-long-ago feeling. seriously.

    huma…thanks. i had a BLAST. mumbai is the perfect girl friends kinda place to go.

    olive: thanks! keep visiting πŸ™‚

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