Mumbai Life Lessons.

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good-looking signage is important. they add style, smartness, depth and character to a city and also help people know that the airport is more than in the general northern direction from zamzama.

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no doubt we all love our city. but how much exactly? and what are we doing to it? more tasty circles? more gulgee roundabouts?

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i loved the idea of a pavement gallery, where people could share their artistic expressions, saunter along and simply absorb in the wonderful atmospehere. maybe we all need to relax over something more than a cup of coffee at espresso?

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to make someone stare at a billboard, a nose to nose portrait of a womans face is not necessary. sometimes, it actually makes sense to appeal to the mass intelligence. i wonder if the people in the building minded this or not.

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the orange in india really struck me. especially juxtaposed against the mighty grey and white of the Taj hotel. so much relief to the eyes to see architecture that doesnt bruise and torture the skyline.

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dekh magar pyar se vs women empowerment? the difference in messages is reflected in attitudes also, i realized as we, the six mumbai girls auto-ed our way back from the cinema at 2 am.


15 thoughts on “Mumbai Life Lessons.

  1. from what i have heard, mumbai stretches the extremism of wealth vs. poverty (defence vs. orangi town/golimar for e.g.) that is observed an karachi to an unthinkable level.

  2. huma/saba…i would suggest taking a couple of friends and youre set!! just let me know…and i can brief you in on anything you want to know from sightseeing to amazing bargain shopping. we were 6 six girls on our own also travelling by rickshaw cab and train all over…and it was totally safe. 😀

    abbas: youre right. the great divide does exist there but their middle class is so huuugeee that the lines get all blurry. we are MUCH more clear cut about rich and poor here, sadly.

  3. mars add more pics naa.

    jonybr thnks. throughout the trip we just made so many observations by the end we were exhausted.

    moiz: i was surprised at the live an dlet live attitude myself. amazing. really great!

  4. “no doubt we all love our city. but how much exactly? and what are we doing to it? more tasty circles? more gulgee roundabouts?”

    so any ideas/inspirations for some good changes ??

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