Year of the Blog

It has been a year since I started blogging and dragged almost everyone I knew into blogworld. I have read some fabulous blogs, learnt some wonderful things, realized some very fundamental things about myself and on some basic level, started writing with the intent of sharing once again. Here’s to the next year. Happy Blogging!


12 thoughts on “Year of the Blog

  1. hmm really? that’s strange. try 1152 by 864 in firefox. it works fine for me. or 1024 by 768. if not, your monitor is prolly too old. honestly, i have no clue how it looks in IE, nor do i care.

  2. I just started 2 weeks ago. But I’m just out of thoughts. kindly plz tell how one can add snaps in his blog!!

  3. heyy you dragged ME into it tooo 😀
    love ya for that sis- its really been awesome blogging!
    ive hit my 5 month mark 🙂

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