cat in heaven

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meyum, i think its safe to say we can find some solace in the fact that all kitties are happy up there in heaven, knowing that whatever life they did have on earth, was filled with complete love. manie, we will miss you very much.


5 thoughts on “cat in heaven

  1. meyum..all pets go to heaven and they watch over us from their furry clouds..the immediate loss is so hard to bear but the pain will one day go away, leaving behind beautiful memories.

  2. sweet!
    its ok meyum, manie is now giving my qaidu some company.atleast we know there not alone!
    i know ull never replace manie, cuz i havent been able to replace qaidu.we can just thank god for the brief period of absolute joy they brought to us!
    and i suppose only pet lovers can understand what we’re getting so caught up about!

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