hum zinda qaum hain.

every time i take a trip away somewhere i come back looking at pakistan with new eyes. way more critically, somewhat more judgementally, quite a bit more harshly, and infinitely more passionately. happy birthday, pakistan. i love you.


7 thoughts on “hum zinda qaum hain.

  1. Dear Jammie,
    I started reading your blogs by accident about 2 weeks ago. I’d like to say congartulations to you on your marriage and I would also like to wish you a happy future and a beautiful life with your husband. I’d also like to say that I too like you was very excited about my wonderful life and the new beginnings in it with my marriage and I sure did not hide my happiness from anyone, despite my happiness and kind duas for ur happiness i must say that nazar toa apnon ki bhi bohoat buri lagti hai and you ahve made ur blog open to anyone. from someone who’s happiness didn’t alst long (and i do not blame it entirely on nazar i dont really believe in that much) however i must say…try not to pose so many pics!
    A well wishing female who had endured something she wishes no girl ever would.

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