memoirs of a travelling designer

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ive always felt that travelling is wow, even if you go to isloo and pesh for day-long workshops, but what truly makes a trip magical is when you have a friend you connect with on all sorts of random and specific levels. in short, kat and and i had a blast.

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the way the lights twisted upwards in the peshawar pc chandeliers reminded me of burning candles. i love details.

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lift pics hold a special place for me especially if the lift is gorgeous and the people high on their surroundings.

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Add a leaf to an otherwise ordinary traffic light motia ka necklace and suddenly you have a designer piece on your hands. sigh. i really DO love details.

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through the jaal, i see peshawar, with new eyes. i want to go back.


17 thoughts on “memoirs of a travelling designer

  1. lovely pics! im glad you had a great time, and now im deeply envious of the fact that my father’s flying off to peshawar today 😦

  2. hi sara
    im coming home in a week, yahooooo.. can we meet up for coffee or chaat at quaidoos sometime? im there till eid..

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