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huma tagged me…so here goes.

5 years ago: i had just graduated and bought my first car, the foxy!

1 year ago: i had absolutely NO idea i would be married by this time!

5 songs i know all the words to: umm…pehla nasha, that thing you do, sway, khwab, kajra re. (there are lots more, i promise)

5 snacks i enjoy: salt and vinegar pringles, doritos, chocolate wafers, candy biscuits, aloo ke pakoray (with chutney)

5 things I’d do with a million dollars: buy k a CL55 AMG (its a car), travel the world, buy my own place in the polynesian islands and all the books ive ever lusted after.

5 places i would run away to: my mama’s house, bali, anywhere in europe, mumbai, the beach.

5 things i would never wear: drainpipe jeans, ummm a miniskirt (i dont have the knees), 5 inch high pencil heels, cant think of anything else yet.

5 favourite TV shows: sex and the city, friends, dharma and greg, that 70’s show…i am really behind in this regard…

5 greatest joys: rain, falling asleep in my mama’s lap, fighting with my sisters, driving/travelling on my own, a good cup of tea and time spent with k.

5 favourite toys: my laptop (yaay), my digital camera, the blocks set (my sisters would remember this), my cindy (barbie wasnt really famous back then) and the go-go scooter.

im tagging meyum, kat, cheesoo, mars, kookie and kAy!


15 thoughts on “tagged!

  1. haha, you don’t want to know what i thought of your illustration when i first saw it!


    can’t help but let my gynaecologist’s mind take over!


  2. i love doritos :P“`

    and sorry jammie love, my pc is a muchly STRANGE machine and didn’t put up your answers!!! :S

    mister gynaecologist tell us! you’ve piqued my curiosity.

  3. vinpooh, this just goes to further my theory that once youve studied medicine, you will never be able to converse with normal people again.

  4. or a tampon (cos of the threads- thought the shape isnt precise!)

    i agree! and MY imagination can fly about QUITE a Bit! πŸ˜‰

  5. hahahahahahahaha me agrees with jammie, my doctor cousins can’t say something as simple as ‘i have a cough’ without putting in several musings-aloud pertaining to streptococci, bacilli and the suchlike…hahaa

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