moody karachi

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one of the most difficult things to deal with it is when your city gets moody. everyones moods plummet as people battle waves of hot all day long, hoping for relief and breathers in the famous cool karachi evenings. the heat hangs over the horizon and she is not in a good mood, angrily huffing and puffing stale warm gusts of air at us all. everyones slowed down, perspiring and tired, impatiently waiting for her to feel better and getting rather tired of this unnecessary moodswing.


12 thoughts on “moody karachi

  1. tell me about it.. the heat is getting to me.. and the weather is STILL. you open the window and ..NOTHING..

    school in this weather is killer.


  2. Karachi seems to be rocking.. I been reading a lot of karachi blogs …Love to commecting to Pak.. Nice blog you got.. visit me sometime

  3. huma..the post was titled pmsing karachi…but somehow that wasnt posting at that time later when i reposted it, i couldnt remember what i had titled it!! hehe.

    tony…thanks. karachi IS rocking.

  4. yeh i did take the pic…its near the kothari parade…right after the rain…and just before the sunset. the usual balancing act of the men on the buses…

  5. I guess I spoke too soon, there are some delays in my immigration processing so I don’t think that I will be visiting Pakistan in December like I was hoping 😦

    I’ve been reading your posts on both blogs, mashaAllah! seems like all the prayers and wishes we have made for you are coming true 🙂

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