karachi by design

meyum and my class this week is evolving into a design study of karachi-
of the little signs and nuances that this mad, mad, mad, mad city of ours is all about. im going seraching in the nooks and crannies of details that please, inspire, allow magic, charm, amuse, disgust and amaze me. i am going to be looking at the city with a brand new pair of eyes, ones that hopefully less jaded and more sparkly. ones that see the changes that have occurred as opposed to the stagnancy that has prevailed.


10 thoughts on “karachi by design

  1. wonderful idea. do take an extended walk through kharadar and empress market. i always thought that those two places always had a certain je ne sais quoi to say the least.
    Also that old building around lucky star thats almost hollow from the inside but the facade still stands. I wonder if its still around, I always found it thought provoking

  2. thanks idiot (i feel funny calling you that)…i always plan to…but something waylays me…

    cocaine…ive walked through both and its great great fun. but your eyes and mind both need to be slightly open na?

  3. i dunno…i feel that uve always had that ‘new’ pair of eyes and thats how uve always looked at everything…it blows me away the way u interpret things…and the way u shoot ideas off about things that id never notice…
    and having u as my advisor is not a blessing(as ppl are saying)…its intimidating!
    why do ppl think that just because we’re close ull help me breeze thru the thesis dammit…i hated their knowing faces when u were appointed my advisor!
    …keep checking…i feel a post brewing!

  4. I LOVE YOUR BLOGS!!! seriously…ive been reading them for a couple of months and i love your style of writing. its very vibrant, positive, colourful,warm, thoughtful and lot of other things. ur blogs have inspired me to write my own blogs and i would love ur input on them, do check my page out.
    thanks and keep on writing!

  5. oh im sorry i didnt know it was ur line, i could have sworn i had read it somewhere earlier and thought u had picked it up from somewhere! but yeah anyway thanks for pointing that out!

  6. and indeed pair of new eyes we needed and voilaaaa!!!i was full of energy on m way back and every friday when we both dont want to take class..as soon as it ends i admittedly slap our backssss!!!
    thanks for making me part of this!

  7. 🙂 i exist, not an issue. i came up with it coz its the only thing that i felt fit how much i change everyday!

    meyum, i sinecrely hope our classes are as fun to the kids as much as they are to us…

  8. Hey, YES WE DO! And what a shocker that was. I was totally not expecting it. You would’ve gotten my mail where I was all apologies. I’m so bad in social situations, I just freeze. Asad gave me hell as well. Khair, I KNEW there was a connection. Would love to meet up again. I’ll be on better behaviour.

    You looked all shadied begum btw …. very pretty. 🙂

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