city of yellow lights and new underpasses.

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very early morning driving in karachi is quite quite a high. its quiet, serene, almost magical the way the streets are bathed in the deep golden light. there is the anticipation of the new morning, the darkness very comforting in strange sense of the word. im a great fan of the drive to the airport at this time of the night/morning so k and i felt quite excited to be picking up aaf today. i feel it echoes endless possibilities…and especially tonight, when the underpass beckoned, all new and shiny. people of karachi, new road mubarak.


7 thoughts on “city of yellow lights and new underpasses.

  1. i love driving to the airport myself! the joy i get from it just simply cannot be described in words!
    one very memorable drive to the airport came about as i was hitting shahrah-e-faisal from karsaz (we were returning after having donated blood at akuh). my sudden plan to head tot he airport found approval from Moam and MahaB. it was only later after we got back from the viewing gallery that i realised i had locked all three of us out of the car! Ozzy then ahd to be claled to go fetch the spares fromt he house and deleiver em to us in the parkign lot! 😛

    still, going tot he airport is the coolest thing in khi i say!

    jammie take em along the next time you go!

  2. OMG.. it finally done.. and its so tidy.. no hakeem ad posters, no poor attempt at grafitti, no frooto ke dabbay lying around, no paan ki thook.. sigh..
    I hope it remains all majestic till I get to see it next year.. *fingers crossed*

  3. atrophying thanks for roping me in…i kinda look fwd to rep this mad city.

    vinpooh…doctors have time for FUN stuff you mean? 😀

    anonymous…sigh. i hope theres no graffiti or frooto ke dabbay. inshallah. we will try to keep it clean till you get back. why are you anonymous though?

  4. my discontent over this topic is very great.
    Search my archives, and you’d find it…

    Hate this wastage of money….


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