teachers have it easy.

every day as a teacher all i do is laugh, lecture, sympathize, empathize, explain, suffer, learn, preach, realize, argue, fight, compromise, philosophize, minimalize, maximize, calm, agitate, motivate, teach, get attached, feel removed, become cold, become inspirational, lose perspective, gain respect, get humiliated, feel rewarded, do not earn enough money, get more than enough compensation, make mistakes, shout exasperatedly, ignore purposely, appreciate wholeheartedly and realize deeply and be the best that i can for that moment. all in a days work.


13 thoughts on “teachers have it easy.

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  2. “do not earn enough money” – well, mr/ms anonymous nay yay masla to hal kar diya! 🙂

    i have a few teachers in my family. an aunt has been teaching since 30 years now and its great to see ‘kids’ she taught in kindergarten all growned-up now with their own kids!

    a very happy belated teachers day. 😀

  3. well said!but hey..some time from now when u have a student come back to you and say ‘that u made a difference’in one way or another in their live…then its going to be all worth it innit!
    i’ve got a few teachers who im hoping are still alive..would like to go hang with them a little myself….

  4. wow…u sound like this teacher i know…
    ummm…u look like her
    u sound like hee…
    lol…its u!!!
    *ok major drama here*

  5. bbcd…i teach “kids” of about 18-21 years old. 😀

    insiya thanks. when exactly was teachers day?

    tez: true dat…when someones actually comes and says it…it makes our day.

    khizzy…when you know who she is, do tell me 🙂

    shez..really? what does teacher material look like then eh??

  6. it was on the 5th of oct.

    i remeber making hand-made cards for my teachers every year when i was in school. 🙂 with one msg that i clearly remember: ‘dear miss. thankyou for teaching me.’ – year 1993.

  7. Betty Tesh here with a few hints for new Teachers

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    “The Handy-Dandy Desktop Mentor.” is available at my site for new Teachers.

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