a pop quiz

remember those times when that teacher would walk in and announce a pop quiz out of the blue and immediately, everyone in class, no matter how diverse and varied, would somehow band together as one, exchanging despairing yet supportive glances, trying to draw a collective strength in order to face something we were not at all prepared for?

it’s pop quiz time in paksitan and we need to band together.
Help Pakistan
Karachi Collects


2 thoughts on “a pop quiz

  1. Thank you for the link to Help Pakistan – with a united effort we can raise lots more – the total is right now are @27 in a mere 7 hours of launch

    Thank you

  2. Thankyou.
    We’re all devastated, Salman was a brother to me – not a cousin.
    Please pray for Daniyal. He’s all we have left and he’s so very ill. Please pray that he gets well soon and that God gives Shenipo the strength to recover from this tragedy.
    I appreciate the note. I know its difficult to give condolences because you really dont know what to say. But I really really appreciate it nevertheless and so would Shenipo.

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