Calling Karachi All Over the World.

To all the hardened cynics out there in the world who are sitting there pointing fingers at President M for not doing anything and generally bewailing the fate of Pakistan, you forget that the people…the passionate, spirited people are still there, and most of us are doing our best to contribute with anything which is in our means, by either man power, donations, volunteer efforts or simply duas. We will not be choosy at this time about who can give what and why. Lets just have some faith please…and focus on what we need to do.

saba has a comprehensive list on her blog for donations to Earthquake Relief Funds.


2 thoughts on “Calling Karachi All Over the World.

  1. Thank god, somebody said it. All the desi blogs i am reading most of them are just complaining about Musharaf and whats not being done.
    Its good to hear a posiive presepctive.

  2. CityFM89 is selling ‘Make 89 Differences’ wrist bands for Rs. 100 to collect money for The Citizens Foundation’s Earthquake Relief Fund.

    There are 6 thousand bands, and we hope to gather 6 lakh rupees for the victims of the earthquake.

    These bands will be available through employees, RJs, at the stations and at various public points through Karachi, Lahore, Islamabad and Faislabad. Look for our people in your city!

    No band should be bought for more than Rs 100.

    For more details you can email me on

    Please, help us make a difference.

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