all im doing these days is staying abreast on the earthquake news, praying for faith and strength for everyone and watching 24 with k whenever we get a 45 minute slot free in the day.


6 thoughts on “24/7

  1. i have yet to see a house where they are flipping channels other than the news. the country really has come together in every sense of the word.

  2. i love lying next to ammi watching the news and every now and then clutching her hand real tight and not having to explain my reason of doing that.

  3. the channels are showing nothing else..and making hyped up videos after another.
    it makes me feel heavy hearted.
    but then ull hear about some children havign survived and its great!

  4. but its a relief to be able to move away from that even for a little bit.and we all need ours!
    this does not lessen any ones grief or efforts

  5. How you explain it, it seems just like how it was in the US affter 9/11. All you could do was watch television and do nothing.
    Some people, who could, went to NY to help out.

    Things like these do bring the nation together.

  6. I think many asians around the world are doing the same as you guys in pakistan, watcing news and praying.
    please take a look at mine and link it up here. Thanks

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