on some level, every single day, each one of us is trying to fight some injustice in some system that governs our daily life. it might not be of value to others immediately or directly but it contributes to an overall sense of struggle towards what we call a life lived more passionately, more awarely, more drunkenly and simply more.


7 thoughts on “taoo.

  1. why isn’t there a post for me? 😦
    nobody loves me!!!!!

    (and if you knew i was going to say that then you should have done something about it before hand!!!)

    nobody loves me….sigh…..

  2. hmmm..is this just a sister comment box or can i blab too…
    hmmmm, jammie maybe anon has seen u around…u have to admit, even kAy and i did a double take when u guys went out for coffee after kookie’s coffee/dinner b-day.lol.

    ps.ive noticed that comment boxes are just not for kookie.
    she needs whine boxes!

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