early morning crossword

For some 45 minutes on last Friday morning, with a miraculous hour free to myself, I found myself ensconced in a corner of Espresso, with my favourite dawn crossword, a mochacino and a bagel with cream cheese, feeling much like a character in some book in a place not a part of my reality these days.


7 thoughts on “early morning crossword

  1. its been a LONG while! hope its going well at ur end! uve completely jinxed my visits to blogs since ur msg on my blog! haha but i blog hopped today and saw pic of ur erm.. flowers! *cough room* gorgeous mashaAllah! and that younger woman post.. awesome! oh and belated eid mubarak to all three of u! erm.. lemme think.. anything else i wanna say here? erm… no i guess not!lol.. this feels like an email! tc .. u.ntil next time!
    p.s. eid pix!

  2. anonymous one, thanks. please dont post as anonymous. i prefer names…even pseduonyms.

    and anonymous two, if you are not the same, pray tell what is WANNABE about paneer with a piece of round bread?? just coz the name is trademarked? and stop posting on my blog as anonymous.

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