curse of the last minute.

no matter how hard i try to time manage, i always end up doing my best work the night before it’s due.


9 thoughts on “curse of the last minute.

  1. i totally agree!i’ve been trying to work on this paper thats due right after thanksgiving, but since i’m going out of town for thanksgiving i’ve been trying to finish it before i leave. progress so far: 1 page down. 24 more to go.

    i’ve been surfing through people’s blogs…been meaning to start one myself, but procrastination gets the better of me 🙂
    felt extremely nostalgic after reading your entries..i miss khi!


  2. i once wrote an article on an hour’s deadline. my editor called back: “this is the best you’ve ever written!” haha, little did he know that an hour back when i told him, “my computer’s acting strange .” i hadn’t even written a word. let alone 2000 words. 🙂

    p.s. its funny how since this morning i have come across two blogs (yours and kats) that made me relate. are we all really that alike? the world’s a stage. we are the actors. one script. one Director…

  3. hmmm…(barf)
    im sorry…wat with the due date looming near im suffering from morning-afternoon-and night sikness!
    we’ve named it ctrl+N!

  4. there are many many patterns ot be detected in blogs…one of the most impt being that i think people wrute to resolve whats going on in their heads. putting it down in words really adds perspective…

  5. why why why does it have to be like that? why are we thus cursed? sigh. i’m imagining a life without this curse…the peace, the calm.

  6. so now its proved dat its the same case all around the world..i somehow feel dat my brain suddenly starts working at its best when there are just 8 hurs left for a submission…all my five years of college for once i wanted to have a good sleep before a submission….but it cud never happen 😦

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